Monday, June 15, 2009

A word to the wise, who also happen to be cheap...

June 15, 2009
Last week the kids and I watched two movies, "Up" and "Night at the Museum 2," both of which were quite good. I'm not going to rant here about what the popcorn and drinks cost me, but deep in your heart, YOU KNOW. It was ridiculous. We watched a matinee for one and were there on bargain night for the other, so we easily spent more on popcorn than we did for tickets. It's so wrong.

Well, this got me to thinking about a frugal friend I had back when we lived in Trussville. She had a son who was the same age as Emma, who I think was almost 2. We would go to the "Free Family Flicks" on Tuesday mornings. The only thing you would get charged for on Tuesdays was the concessions. Frugal friend decided that if she was going to get a bargain, she was REALLY going to get a bargain. So she smuggled in her own popcorn and drinks in her son's diaper bag.

I am, and always have been (except for one street sign "borrowing" event) a rules follower. I was not about to bring in outside food or drink--I mean, the sign on the door said not to! But, I let Frugal friend drag me down. She told me, "Don't buy popcorn and drinks today! I brought Capri Suns and popped some microwave popcorn at home and bagged it up in Ziploc bags."

I was hesitant, but agreed. We got to the theater and started watching "Finding Nemo." She pulls out the contraband concessions and hands them to me. Naturally, I hand them off to Emma. (After all, I WASN'T going to get caught with 'em!)

In a few moments, Emma is standing in her seat, whispering in my ear. "Mommy, the popcorn tastes funny." I said, "It's okay, baby. Eat it if you want to." I thought, "Good girl. She knows illegal popcorn when she tastes it."

Seeing that Emma had abandoned the popcorn, I decided to have just a little taste. I mean, Frugal friend had made it just for us... I sneaked some from the bag to my mouth. I crunched down as stealthily as I could, when I noticed something crucial:

Emma was right. It wasn't her guilty conscience that tainted the popcorn. It tasted funny. And not in a good way.

It took me a moment, but I recognized the taste. The popcorn tasted like new diapers smell--something of plastic and baby powder. Apparently, hot popcorn stored in Ziploc bags, placed in a diaper bag full of clean diapers BREATHES and absorbs. Nasty does not begin to describe the taste.

So, yeah, I will continue to pay full price for popcorn and drinks. It's totally worth it.

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~Mad said...

THIS, my dear, is one of your best! I almost spit my coffee out here at my desk!

Both bosses on mission trips this week - yeee haaa.


ella144 said...

ew! ew! ew!



While I need to scrub out my brain because I can almost taste that popcorn, I also nearly spit coffee on my keyboard.

too funny!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

This is so funny!! We use to do this all the time. But I swear there were no signs up here telling us not to bring in outside food! I mean I one time sat in a movie theater with someone eating KFC behind me!!

We hardly go to movies anymore. They are just so expensive so when we do, we go ahead and spend more on popcorn and soda then the movie tickets as well! I like the nachos! Enjoy your day!

Derek said...

Brownies in a zip-lock bag left in a hot car will taste like the bag.

Busy Mom in NJ said...

I am such a rule follower too!! This was just too funny -- yuck!! And yes, the price of concession food is just out of control. Loved the movie "Up"

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

WOW. The things you learn on the Interwebs. I'm gonna write that one down.

And since Derek started a list of more snack truths, I'll add to it:

Grapes stored in a plastic bag, left in a hot car under the seat for who knows how long, will smell like wine. Who knew?

melodyofamom said...

YUCK!!! I hate to say it, but I'm all for the smuggling candy thing. At least that way it's still in the package, though.

Rachel said...

Ew. That's grosser than kids sitting on the drain. Oh yeah - I said that wasn't gross.

Seriously. The smell of clean diapers reminds us all of the smell of DIRTY diapers, thanks to the powers of association. So I'm sure that although it tasted like CLEAN diapers, it REALLY tasted like DIRTY diapers.


mommychick said...

At least it had "new diaper taste/smell!" Just think what you could be snacking on if she would have thrown a dirty diaper in her bag to dispose of later...