Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I won! I won!

Yes, me--the girl who NEVER wins anything! I won a really cool book called, "Historic Photos of Birmingham" from Rachel at Alabama Bloggers. If you are an Alabama Blogger, I hope you will check the site out. There's lots of cool posts about unique places to visit in Alabama. I've already made a lot of new friends there, too! (Even if you are unfortunate enough NOT to live in Alabama, check out the site--it's just that good!)

By the way, I initially handed Luke the book and told him to hold it while I took his picture. He liked it so well, I couldn't get him to put it down! Jason and I looked at this book at Books-a-Million once upon a time. We both loved it and coveted it, but the price tag was a little off-putting, so we didn't buy it. I am so excited that we own it now! Thanks again, Rachel!

2 delightful comments:

Valerie said...

Hey Lianne! I have been meaning to hop over and congratulate on your win!!! I also need to hit you up on doing a Hometown Tour for Alabama Bloggers. Isn't that a neat idea?

Rachel said...

I'm glad you won! And I'm glad y'all are enjoying it! Thanks for the shout-out!!

We MISSED YOU today at the Alabama Bloggers meet-up! Being that we have parallel lives and all, I'm pretty sure that you were supposed to be there!!! (pouting)