Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It only took three lonnnnng pregnancies, countless stretch marks, and infinity hours of sleep missed, but I finally, FINALLY got one to say "Mama" first! Yaaaay, Anna Beth!

Of course, she may just been saying, "Mmm, yum" to the banana apple pear baby food she was eating, 'cause girlfriend likes to eat. Her Daddy heard it too, so it's gonna count.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

From our house to yours...

We hope that your Christmas was as magical and fun as ours!

Wonderful memories were made that will be treasured...even if I never manage to blog about them.  Heh.

God bless you all!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Long-Awaited Return to Blogging...

Okay, not that anyone noticed, but I haven't been blogging.

I gave myself permission to slow down and enjoy every moment of Anna Beth being a tiny baby and all the joy that this stage of life brings...*snort!*  Yeah, I can't even type this with a straight face.

Being a mom of three is rewarding, but HARD.  I love every minute, but it's more challenging than I dreamed it would be.  I have been exhausted, stressed, overjoyed, delirious, sick, exhausted, grouchy, exhausted, and overextended.  Did I mention exhausted?

Anyhow, I'll stop whining.

We decided to take the family Christmas card picture tonight.  We had been to the local library's Christmas program at the Pastime Theater this afternoon and had pictures made with Santa.  Since everyone was festive and dolled-up, it seemed to be a good time to do the picture.

Luke protested the hat.  Emma was agreeable, but wanted a dog puppet in the picture.  Anna Beth was being a typical 6-month old and not looking and doing baby stuff.  Tootie dog was hovering around everyone, making it obvious that she needed a bath and alternately popping into the background of pictures and teetering on the edge of pictures while licking her nether regions.  *Ahem.*

Take one:
There's a hairy arm invading the shot, a stinky small dog to the right, and Anna Beth is about to snatch off Luke's hat.

Take two:
Anna Beth was trying to forcibly remove Luke's face.

Take three:
 Luke leaves the shot to deal with his face removal incident.

Take four:
 Emma smells the stinky dog.  Luke smiles through his pain.  Anna Beth likely did something in her diaper.

Take five:
Anna Beth has the giant head that eclipses her brother's face. 

Take Six:
Anna Beth realizes no one is holding onto her (notice lack of hairy arm) and decides to make a break for it.  She oozed right out of her chair and dramatically plopped on the floor.

I won't post the final result here right now.  But I also won't wait six months until I post again.