Sunday, October 31, 2010


Have you ever seen the television program called “Hoarders?”  I am appalled and fascinated by it, all at the same time.  The concept of the show is that a person or family is seeking help for an unbelievable problem.  Their homes have been taken over by stuff.  Sometimes the stuff is as innocuous as piles upon piles of clothing, books, and boxes of belongings.  Other times, the person or family keeps everything in their home, including garbage, animal or human waste, and other unthinkable filth.  The homeowner occasionally has an explanation for why things have gotten to that point, but most of the time, they can’t explain why it happened.

Inevitably, every time I watch the show, I always ask myself:  “How do they let it get so bad?  At what point did they just give up and let the piles of stuff take over?”  The good thing about the show is that the person or family receives help cleaning up and counseling for their problem.  They are given a way out, if they choose to accept it.

I think this show is a pretty good comment on the sin condition in our world.  A person starts out with a little “pet” sin.  That gateway sin leads to other ones.  Eventually, the person finds himself in over his head in the filth of sin.  Sometimes, he says “I’ve let it get too bad.  I’m just going to give up and let this sin lifestyle take over.”

The good news is that this person --and all believers --have a way out, if we choose to accept it.  Jesus Christ spilled his blood so that we may be free from the filth and guilt of our sin.  His blood washes us as white as snow.

God Bless You!--Lianne