Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Back to blogging?

Blogging, oh yes.  I forgot about blogging.  It seems like I just use Facebook these days to tell my little funny stories about the kids or I just write the posts in my head and don't share them with anyone.  How sad is that?!?  So, I'm going to give it another shot, just for old time's sake.

I noticed I had 16 unmoderated comments on some of my blog posts.  It seems that my posts REALLY inspire people to want to sell me pharmaceuticals, get me to look at their "gorgeous pictures," or play their "AWESOME" games.  I was pretty disappointed there were no actual comments, but I haven't been commenting much either, so I can't blame anyone but myself...and the pharmaceutical companies.

Anyhow, this happened:

I've lost 30 pounds since January 6--and have NEVER felt better!  Well, except for the part where everyone in my family just had the stomach virus.  ICK!  We are over that now, so I'm going back to the feeling waaaay better part.

And this happened:

My beautiful girls are growing up!  Emma was just inducted into the Jr. National Honor Society.  We are so proud of her accomplishments.  She just started taking piano lessons and is doing GREAT in beginner band, playing the flute.  Anna Beth has mastered the art of the temper tantrum.  No, really.  She will be 3 in May...and that can't get here soon enough if it means the end of the terrible twos.  We've made many attempts with potty training, but at the rate we are going, we may have her trained before she graduates high school.  (And just for you, Rachel,  I included my unmade bed in the background of this picture.  You're welcome.)

And this happened:

We went to the beach in January.  It was a make-up trip for our miserable Christmas.  I had pneumonia and was a sad, sick mess the whole time the kids were out of school.  It was a wonderful trip!

Oh, and this happened:

My super-smart, super-tall son, Luke won his classroom spelling bee and came in 4th runner up in the school spelling bee.  He gets smarter every day!

I am determined to do a better job keeping the ol' blog alive and kicking.  Y'all don't give up on me yet!