Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It only took three lonnnnng pregnancies, countless stretch marks, and infinity hours of sleep missed, but I finally, FINALLY got one to say "Mama" first! Yaaaay, Anna Beth!

Of course, she may just been saying, "Mmm, yum" to the banana apple pear baby food she was eating, 'cause girlfriend likes to eat. Her Daddy heard it too, so it's gonna count.

3 delightful comments:

Mama Hen said...

Hey, you take what you can get! A sweet sweet pic!

Rachel said...

Oh congratulations!!! She's so adorable!!!

Bunny said...

Hey Lianne! thanks for the sweet comment at my blog and I rushed right over and scrolled down until i found a picture of your sweet new baby girl and what a CUTIE! Oh I love babies Selah's (thats our little girls name)age, they are all so special to me. Congratulation on your new addition to your family and I hope to catch up with you here. Cute new look at your blog since last I saw it, too.

God Bless!