Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dateline--The First 24 hours--Tallahassee

June 20, 2009

Random musings from vacation

--They never put restrooms at good places for 6 year old boys. As a member of the group of “Great North American Bathroom Tour” participants, Luke’s sense of timing is BAD. Also, I would like to make a public apology to the guy that told us it was okay for Luke to go behind his produce stand. Watch your step, okay?

--Other people’s class reunions are not THAT fun. (Or, as an astute friend pointed out, neither is your own) We walked into Jason’s 20th High School reunion where we were blasted by 80s music and not enough air conditioning. Being that I’m not exactly the social butterfly, it was awkward for me, at best. Jason introduced me to lots of people that I couldn’t hear their name and they couldn’t hear a word I said. Then they turned up the music to +11, I think. I was amused greatly by the DUUUUDE that walked in out of the 100 degree heat with a motorcycle helmet and a leather jacket. He looked like he’d just walked out of the geeky YouTube rendition of “The Terminator” that had been filmed in his mom’s basement. Someone else showed up in a stretch Hummer limo, which probably would’ve been cooler if anyone had actually seen who got out of it. The posturing of high school never ends, apparently.

--Earplugs are a great investment for vacations with my family, but only if you remember to put them in... An anesthesiologist would’ve also come in handy. I am a light sleeper and always the last one to go to sleep, so being in a room full of violent/gurgly snoring (Jason), humming (Emma), flailing (Luke) sleepers is not the best set-up for sleep for me. I wandered around the room at 2:00 a.m. trying to find my earplugs in my luggage, knocking stuff over in the process. Of course, the chainsaw sleeping in the other bed was undisturbed. I am a ZOMBIE today!

--How do hotel housekeepers wash the coffee pot? This is what I think about at 3:00 in the morning. And why do they put the coffeemaker in the bathroom, just mere feet away from the toilet??? There are some sick people in this world, and the thought of what some fool might have done to the coffeemaker bothers me greatly.

--The End?--Jason’s parents moved from Tallahassee in 2003, so it’s not really “home” anymore for him. We had not been back here since Christmas 2002 so he had not had a chance to say goodbye to his old house or hometown. He took us to all the places he used to live, play tee ball, eat, and attend school. We even visited a country store from 1927. It was like going back in time. I felt a little sad for Jason because he wonders if we will ever go back to Tallahassee again. I wish the kids had been a little more impressed with his history and nostalgia, but they’re kids. All they can think about is the beach. In my mind, we are already there, instead of two hours away…and in the car AGAIN.

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Rachel said...

Amen about the class reunions. I remember Chris' 10th well (although it was 5 years ago - about time for another one). The only pleasant thing was that I was by far the youngest person in the room. And I don't even know why I got such pleasure out of that.

And AMEN about the sleeping. I can't do co-sleeping with Ali and her noisemaker without the help of Mr. Lunesta because I'm used to listening to her noisemaker on the monitor while working during naptimes, so it makes my wheels turn instead of fall asleep.

I hope y'all have fun on the rest of the "beachy" part of the trip!

Rachel said...

p.s. - my ten year reunion should be this year. If I had gone to school like a normal person. Sad. Or not.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Okay, I thought I was the only bothered my loud music because I never can hear anyone and other people always seem to be able to hear each other. And I'm sitting in a hotel room right now and this is the first time the coffee pot is out in the room on a little table attached to the tv, not in the bathroom. Never understood that either! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Annikke said...

Ok. I think I just about gagged about the coffee maker. EW. I never thought about it being so close to the toilet and ew ew ew ew ew. A lot of things about a hotel gross me out... remote controls, bedding, carpets, handles....ick.
Ok, I need to go hurl right now!

Billy Coffey said...

Poor Lianne. I haven't made it to a reunion yet. And honestly? I don't plan to. But I'm with you on the whole earplugs thing. I don't sleep when I'm on vacation. With two kids, it's like a carnival in our room all night.

The coffee pot thing? Very disturbing. Too bad I didn't think about that last week when we were at the beach and I was guzzling a couple pots a day. No wonder I'm feeling bad...