Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tales from vacation

So, the blogging every day of vacation thing didn't work out...

Here are more random observations and reflections of the last few days:

--There is a bar on 231 South named "Midgets Lounge." That conjured up so many funny images for me like a tiny door, little barstools, and a micro-bouncer standing at the tiny door. I am easily entertained when I've been in the car a really long time.

--Things I've witnessed at the beach:
1. Emma throwing up. (First night here. Just some weird fluke. Glad that's done.)
2. If you are at an outdoor venue in a heat wave, you will watch ANYTHING that is presented indoors in the A/C. ANYTHING. Like a reptile show. Ewww.
3. Little boys are sneaky when they want to smuggle bread crumbs to feed the birds.
4. Pockets are not good places to transport bread crumbs.
5. Evil equation: The higher the need to use the restroom, the greater the frequency of speed bumps on the road to the condo. Also, the slowness of the elevator factors into this with the trouble with the key opening the door.
6. Little children should never sleep in a sleeping bag on top of a bed. They are slippery.
7. Tile floors are hard.
8. Shaving sunburned legs should be added to the list of banned military torture tactics.

--Luke gets the funniest quote of the week so far at the Brazilian Steakhouse last night: We ate at Casa de Fogo (Must be said dramatically--House of FIRE!) last night. They bring around lots of skewers of random mystery grilled meats (but not until they've tried to defeat your appetite with carb-loading at their salad bar/hot buffet. Jason refused to let them "win.") and you eat it and they bring more. At the end of the meal, Luke looks at Jason and says, "Daddy, your belly looks like you just ate a camel." Chances are, he probably did.

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Rachel said...

We went to Brazil one time in Bham before it bit the dust. I agree about the carb loading. I was stuffed by the time I finished that! To get your money's worth, I think you just need to stay all day and eat all three meals there.