Monday, June 29, 2009

"In Your Footprints"

June 29, 2009

Luke and I decided to take one last walk on the beach together on our last day of vacation in Panama City, Florida. The sand was warm, the sun hot, and the water cool and clear. The only problem was jellyfish--and a LOT of 'em!

We carefully made our way along the shoreline, cautiously stepping around all the jellyfish that had washed up everywhere we looked. I noticed that Luke stayed behind me as I manuevered through the squishy/dangerous carnage. I asked Luke why he was hanging back behind me. He answered me with a sentence that stopped me dead in my tracks: "Mommy, I'm walking in your footprints."

It was a simple statement Luke made, but it took my breath anyway. He was stating an obvious fact, but the words gave me pause. Yes, my kids are walking in my footprints. I wondered though, is that always a good thing?

Sometimes my footprints take me right up to the heart of God, so near that he can "cover [me] with His feathers, and under His wings [I] will find refuge" (Psalms 91:4). Other times, my footprints probably take me places so far from God that I would be ashamed for my children to follow me there.

Where do your footprints show that you've been? Who's following along in your footprints? Are you standing on "Holy Ground," or are you struggling to get your footing on the shifting sands of our world? Wherever you find yourself, know that God is there with you, and somebody, somewhere is bound to be following you.

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Alabama Redhead said...

Wonderful post!!

Whoever follows in my footprints must be wearing some awesome heels to keep up with mine! :)

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

That is precious!
We never know who is walking in our footprints.

Christen said...

What a neat story...we always need to be reminded how much our kids are following our every move!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous thoughts!! And photo! I love it.

Billy Coffey said...

What a great post, Lianne. This one really convicted me today. In a good way, though!

Marie said...

Hello Lianne - thank you for your beautiful words in this post. I am reminded that even though I tend to feel "sure footed" most of the time, to not allow myself to be fooled into thinking I can do it on my own. I need to be following my Lord's steps ALL of the time! Thank you for sharing the gorgeous photo too!


Valerie said...

Lianne that was beautiful. I agree I have wondered some places I wouldn't have want my daughter to. Great post!

Dwight said...

Lana and I took a day trip to Childersburg, Al. on june 30. On our way back to Winfield, we stopped at the Captain D's in Forestdale for lunch.
Before we started to eat, Lana said a thank you prayer for our meal as is our custom.
As we were finishing our meal, an older lady came by our table and commented on the fact that we prayed before we ate. "It does my heart good!' she said.
You never know who is watching you. or following in your footsteps.

Latte With Me said...


Happy 4th of July from one Ala. Blogger to another.

jennifer said...

What a precious moment! Pesky jellyfish couldn't put a damper on that memory.

Happy 4th of July!