Friday, June 19, 2009

Are you a chameleon?

June 19, 2009
(This may be my women's ministry devotional for July. I haven't decided yet.)

I don't know why I even saw it. I was "working" (i.e., Facebooking, blogging, twittering, etc.) when it caught my eye. (Do you see it?)It probably thought it was undetectable.

It was. Almost.

Some slight movement it made grabbed my attention. As soon as I figured out what I was looking at, I grabbed the camera and took its picture through the window. I guess I made a little noise as I rattled the blinds to get a clear shot.

Next thing I knew, it was gone. There wasn't a trace of it having ever been there.

This is what I captured on film (same picture as before, just zoomed in...):Of course, you knew early on that I was talking about a chameleon. (The title alone gave that away.) What if I was talking about faith, though? Is your faith something that people readily see and identify, or does it blend in?

Sometimes the faith of others is as evident as their bowed heads in a crowded restaurant at mealtime. Sometimes it's murky, at best, when you see a person with a "Jesus fish" on the back of their car acting like Satan himself in traffic.

I want my faith to be obvious. I know it isn't always, but I don't want people to wonder if I'm a Christian or not. I really want to shout without the necessity of speaking that I love Jesus Christ and that He is the source of my joy. But, like the chameleon, my fear, my shyness, my whatever excuse occurs to me that day keeps me quiet. I certainly don't want people to have to really get close to figure out what they are looking at. I want everything about me to show that I am a Christian. I don't want to blend into this world we live in.

As Christians, we don't wear a specific style of dress or always have a certain symbol on our person that identifies us for who we are. It's our attitudes, our words, and our actions that speak on our behalf. In 1 John 3:18, John challenged Christians with this gentle edict, "Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue but in deed and truth." Jesus asked the same thing of us in Matthew 5: 16 by instructing us to "let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." Hiding our faith is completely counterproductive. God wants us to do good works in order to glorify Him. The only way to do that is to let our faith be as evident as the nose on our faces--just out there for all the world to see.

3 delightful comments:

Avery Tales said...

This one really spoke to me. My Mom's favorite hymn is "They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love" and she raised us to believe it. I've seen the results of Christian Action first hand and it's astounding. It is one thing to shout from the roof tops that you love Jesus, but it's another thing to SHOW how you love Him.

Thanks so much for sharing! Oh, it took me forever to find that little leeezzard! :)

Marie said...

Lianne - what a wonderful reminder for me today. I'm so happy I stopped by for a visit! This is my heart for my children too. But I have to be the example. Getting past my shyness is difficult, but not impossible for the Lord to work through me. I just have to be willing.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Yes, that's what I want! I want people to see a difference in me...see Christ living in my life! Great devotional!