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Historically, May has always been a month of anticipation for me. As a child, I remember anxiously awaiting the turn of the calendar to that month. It never seemed to get here fast enough. I couldn't wait for summer break and the lazy days with no homework.

May brought different anticipation my senior year of high school. I couldn't wait to be done with schoolwork and was excited about entering the next phase of my life, but I felt pangs of sadness when I knew that since I'd never move back to my hometown after college (*snicker,* we moved back in 2004), I'd likely never see a lot of my classmates again.

When I was in college, I worried what I'd do after the semester ended in May. Would I get a job? Where would I live when the dorms closed? When I reached my senior year of college, May was a terribly scary month. Life as I knew it was going to change forever! I had to get a REAL job (not at the mall) and an apartment.

A couple of years after college, May held brand-new meaning, but still anticipation. May 1999 was the month before my wedding. I had to get wedding details wrapped up, I had to pack, and get ready to begin my life in another brand-new way.

In May of 2000 and 2003, I had another phase of life to anticipate. First, in May 2000, I was thrown a baby shower for my daughter, Emma, who was born in August. In May 2003, I was one month away from becoming a mother of two children, as Luke was born in June of that year.

I am not entirely sure if I should expect any big changes for this May. I guess I've come full circle in that I am eagerly anticipating the end of the school year and all the fun that is planned for summer. I still get a little giddy just looking at the calendar, though.

What does May mean to you?

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Billy Coffey said...

I've come a little full circle myself. Since I work at a college and my wife is a teacher, May now means the same for me as it did when I was a kid.

No school. Peace and quiet. Slow and easy. Fireflies and baseball and something off the grill.


Busy Mom in NJ said...

May is exciting. Graduations, lots of my family have birthdays in this month and not to mention the blooming flowers. Just makes me a happy.

~Mad said...

Another year older (and deeper in debt - NO!)
The lyrics just never end!