Friday, May 22, 2009

Last Day of School Celebration

So my awesome, wonderful, relaxing, nap-filled, productive, quiet and lonely days as a SAHM with kids in school are now officially OVER. The kids are out for the summer! Yea!

We headed to Guthrie J. Smith Park in Fayette, Alabama to celebrate.

We started out with a picnic.We fed the ducks.Emma and Luke started a rock collection.We thought deep thoughts and contemplated life.We may or may not have located Pooh Bear's tree in the Hundred Acre Wood.We took a goofy family picture.They ran. (I watched.)Luke learned to use my camera.They played on the playground.The sky started to look threatening.They crashed--HARD.

1 delightful comments:

Rachel said...


We have some good friends from Fayette originally.

Except they pronounce it more like one syllable - "fet".