Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mothers & Others Luncheon

I wanted to do a quick wrap-up post for my Mothers & Others luncheon last Saturday. It was a huge success! It gets bigger and better every year. This was our fourth year to have the luncheon. I find myself stressing less with each one we hold.

We had 12 tables, each decorated as a particular month of the year:

This one is mine, including roses out of my garden. (I had the month of June. I decorated with butterflies.):

How awesome is this? This was our August table/kids' room: This was our fabulous speaker, Corrie Clay, of Filling the Gap Ministries. She had just the right balance of stories of personal battles, humor, and thought-provoking/divinely-inspired Biblical teaching to keep our ladies' rapt attention. She shared with us the importance of leaving a spiritual legacy, not just for our families, but for the lost in our world. She even told us her address--which is on WET CAT ROAD in Alabama. If God can use a precious, sweet girl who lives on a road with that name, He can use anybody! (Says the girl whose closest thing to Divinity School was working in a church office...) If you are in the market for a wonderful, inspirational speaker, let me know. I'll get you in touch with Corrie. (p.s. She's as much a teacher as she is a speaker. She knows her stuff!)

We are trying to figure out a theme for next year. Someone has suggested doing 12 different countries. I'm not sure how I'd pull that off. Anybody got any ideas for that or anything else?

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ella144 said...

Wow, the hall looks beautiful and so do your roses! I'm glad it was such a success.

Mama K said...

Our church did countries before... different people in the church had acquired things from missionaries or in their travels to use as decorations. You could print off pictures from the internet to use as place cards or something, map prints for placemats, use the countries that your church supports for starters, but don't have to limit it to that. (It's just that you might have more resources form those places.

think of something that "says" that country, that you think of first when you hear that country's name:

Japan: fans? Kimonos? Fortune cookies?
Africa (not a country but still): elephants?
Netherlands: wooden shoes? tulips?

you get the idea... and then build your centerpieces around those items that you can get your hands on.

Someone might have currency from another country, or clothes, or a little statue. Also - palm trees, etc - think of what grows in that place, what people wear, what animals are there, what sports are associated with that place ... You might check with ethnic stores and restaurants in your area for ideas.

It sounds fun! (Of course, I'm not doing the work!)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Wow what fabulous tables!!! Love the idea! The speaker sounded great! Our Mother/Daughter Tea is tomorrow night and it is still a bit stressful, but so much fun. Thanks for sharing the photos!!!

Rachel said...

GORGEOUS!! Y'all did an amazing job!

Our church does bible verses, and boy they get creative with them!

For instance, one of my friends did the one about "a time for everything" and decorated the table with clocks.

Another one did a verse about women having long hair, and decorated the table with brushes and beauty products.

One of my single friends did Ps. 56:1 last year: "Be merciful to me, O God, for men hotly pursue me", and decorated it with pictures of moviestars and stuff.

I personally am waiting for someone to do Ezekiel 23:20 :)