Friday, January 08, 2010

What Makes For a REALLY Great Day?

The stage was set.  It was frigid outside.  Clouds rolled in.  Snow fell. 
Not a lot--this IS Alabama, but just enough for all of us to have some fun.

Well, everyone but Tootie.  She is not a fan of snow or temperatures below 80 degrees.

 Luke throws a pretty mean snowball.  Repeatedly.  Don't worry, Emma retaliated.  Repeatedly.  I just wasn't fast enough to get a picture.

This is one of the pictures I sent in to James Spann (our favorite weatherman) per Luke's request.  He put this one and the one of the kids with the snowman on his blog.  He showed this one on the news twice!

 And while we are on that topic...
You might think that the reason Alabama won its 13th National Championship last night was because we have the Heisman trophy winner, a great defense, and/or that Texas' quarterback was injured.  Well, you'd be wrong.  It was because of this:

This is Jason's LUCKY SHIRT.  He has worn it for every Alabama game this season.  (Including the one we were in Disney World for.)  It was originally my shirt, but it somehow made its way into Jason's t-shirt drawer.  He is a big sucker believer in football game superstition, so he now thinks this is the luckiest shirt on earth.  It will, no doubt, be worn until it is nothing but shredded strings.

Hopefully we will have some more really great days soon.  I sure did enjoy this one!

7 delightful comments:

Mrs. Jennifer said...

Just be glad it's wasn't lucky underwear!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very cute!

Jill said...

Your pic was on TV - you are FAMOUS!!!!

Christen said...

Wow, the snow actually stuck at your house, looks like the kids had a great time playing in it!
That's so cool that they showed your snow "picture" on TV, your famous!

Rachel said...

At least SOMEONE got some snow..

I actually saw your pic on his blog or the news or something and remembered noting that it was from Winfield and increasing my bitterness toward you. If I had known it was YOUR pic, well, I would have still been bitter.

Yes, I think I saw it on his you're there too!!

Marie said...

Looks like so much fun!

Uh hum....I beg to differ on the reason the team won though. Jack and I have faithfully worn our AL shirts not just on game day Saturday but also on Friday (not the same shirt)for every football game this year so that the Tide knew that they had our support. I am willing to concede that perhaps through the joint efforts of Jason and us we brought the team to victory. :)

jennifer said...

THANK YOU to Jason for wearing his lucky shirt. Bama couldn't have done it without him! LOL!