Monday, January 25, 2010

Look Out! Here comes Mr Smooth!

Last Tuesday, Luke came home with a sliver of paper in his hand.  He immediately handed it to me.  When I looked down at it, it said "Ashley" and had a phone number.  I asked Luke, "What's this?"  He said, "Oh, Ashley just wanted me to have her phone number.  She told me to call her."


Have I mentioned lately that the boy is 6?

6.  Not 16.

I'm just sayin'.

So, he comes home Thursday with another piece of paper in hand.  This one reads "Rachel cell" and has a phone number.  (This being the same cute gap-toothed Rachel that Luke danced with in the first grade play.)  So, I asked him how he got this number.

He just smiled.

He laughed as he said, "Well, Mommy, I told her, "Rachel, I lost your phone number.'  She said, 'When did I ever give you my phone number?' So I said, 'Uh, at the beginning of the year.'  So she wrote it down and told me not to lose it this time."


Paging Mr. Smooth.

So, if you know any single guys, I would totally recommend this as a pretty good pick-up line.

Oh, and to my knowledge, he hasn't called any of these girls yet.

I'm not holding my breath, though.

10 delightful comments:

Marie said...

Smooth, very smooth. Where do they learn this stuff?

Wade's World said...

Oh my word! You are raising Zach Morris!

Jill said... is right! That is hysterical! You've got a total ladies man on your hands!

Jason said...

He is our "little man."

For the record, Luke did not get this talent from me!

Christen said...

That's hilarious, can't believe 6 year olds give out & ask for phone numbers! And, when did 6 year olds start getting their own cell phones?!?

Melody of a Mom said...

What a little stud! Haha. I bet you're kind of freaking out though, right? I would be!

jennifer said...

Oh yeah, that was well played. Watch out mom, the kid has skills!

Rachel said...

SO hilarious!! And yet, scary...

Dwight said...

Is this the same Luke who called Granddaddy to ask for a donation so that he can take the eighth grade math test in the Math-a-ton fund raiser???

Wendy said...

I sure hope girl number 1 and girl number 2 don't find out about each other...