Monday, January 18, 2010

It's A ... COOKIE!!!

So, I'm still sitting in the doctor's office waiting to find out my baby's gender right now. I just wanted to share a story from Luke's bedtime last night.
I reminded him that today was the big day for the ultrasound. He said that he hoped that the baby would be a girl. When I asked him why he wanted a girl, he surprised me with what he said:

"Well, Mommy, if it's a girl, it will be special. That way, it will be like an Oreo cookie. With one girl older and one girl younger, I'll be the cream in the middle of the chocolate crackers. Everybody knows the cream is the best part. I will be extra-special if I'm the only boy."

Pretty deep, huh?

4:00 p.m. Update: We finished our OB appointment, glided through our dental appointment, and are currently stuck in the mayhem that is Chuck E. Cheese. Our ultrasound went very well. The baby was NOT shy and was eager to reveal that it is healthy and it is a...


Let the buying of all things pink commence!

Emma has a slightly different take on the Oreo analogy. She said:
"If Luke is the cream, we are going to be the cookies that smush him."

That seems about right.

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Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very sweet! Congratulations!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

Next comes the name! Fun, fun!!

Christen said...

I love Luke's deep thoughts, that's actually pretty clever!
I know you're very excited about another girl!

Rachel said...

Luke is so smart! I love it! Congratulations - I'm so excited!!!

Gina said...


Wade's World said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you! Any name ideas?

melodyofamom said...

HA! Love it! Your kids are adorable!Congrats on the girl!