Tuesday, January 05, 2010

An Open Forum for Griping

Don't get me wrong. I am grateful to get gifts. To know that someone thought about me and thought that I would like something is very meaningful.


Sometimes you get a gift SO BAD that you have to tell somebody.

This happened to my husband and I at Christmas this year. Due to extenuating circumstances, I can't tell or show you just what we got here, but I will gladly e-mail you a little show-and-tell if you're interested.

Consider this post a safe haven. Tell me what you got that was just awful. I'm not talking about gag gifts or funny Dirty Santa gifts. I mean, the real deal. Did you get a animatronic fish that sings Christmas carols? A harmonica for those who are not musically inclined? (That is a real gift my very musically inclined husband got one year.)

Just let it all out. I need a good laugh!

8 delightful comments:

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Just what I need~
Not to appear ungrateful, BUT, Why is it that people think because I am an Auburn fan I would want everything that is sold in Orange and Blue?
My blood may be orange and blue, but not my house or my closet. Just sayin~

Gina said...

Yeah, I've got to know what this is. Curiosity is killing me. And my bad gift...came from my 6 year old daughter. Our church lets the kids "shop" for their parents from gifts that are donated (meaning, people bring the junk that they don't want). Abby was so proud of her choice. Two very large ceramic geese, circa 1970. And I have to display them or risk hurting her feelings.

Rachel said...

This year we got all good gifts, but we've had "Those Years", for sure. And I am dying to know what you got - hurry up and email me!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

I will have everyone beat - and I need to do my own post about this, come to think of it...my sister-in-law gave me a set of psychadelic colored...scrub sponges. Yes.

Christen said...

The suspense is killing me, so what did you get?!?
Can't think of any really bad gifts we got this year.

~Mad said...

I want to see!

As for me - without being specific, I have at least two, probably more, gifts from years past, that I have not touched again, nor unsealed or opened to use.
I am ashamed, I have to say, cuz the folks who gifted them to me have been inside my house and seen them sitting in the exact same place for "years"....no lie!

However, I am sure there are many gifts I have given that have experienced the same disuse! I can totally bet on it!


ella144 said...

OK. I have to see this gift. Please email me. I didn't get anything too bad this year, but then I was sick and didn't do a lot of gift exchanges.

Marie said...

I lucked out this year but I'm dying to know what you got!