Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Diary of a Crazy Pregnant Woman, Part 3

This is just not right.

How does something like this EVEN HAPPEN?


Foot thieves have come during the night and stolen away my feet.
Who does this kind of thing?!?

They were down there yesterday when I looked...
And now they are gone.
I think I need to go sit down and think this over.  
What do foot thieves do with the feet they absconded?  Pawn them?  Sell them on the black market?

Did I leave them somewhere?

Tootie Dog, have you seen them?

There they are.

(I promise my legs are not as swollen as they look.  Bad angle, I guess.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the leftover Valentine's chocolate I've been pounding away on.)

In unrelated news, they did it again.

In this unfortunate day and age of crazy people torching churches, I have to wonder if this is REALLY a good idea.  Some people may take it as a dare.

All right.  There's still leftover Valentine's candy to be eaten.  I have a job to do.

9 delightful comments:

Wendy said...

I blame the Belgians! Sneaky foot thieves...

Christen said...

Hilarious! Sorry about your feet, I bet you'll find them again in a few months. :)

Natalie said...

Heh heh. Absconded.

Anonymous said...

Ha, is that your church? Love it! I remember those feetless, pregnant days. Hang in there!

Jill said...

Crack me up! I hope you find your feet soon!

Wade's World said...

I hope you find your feet soon!

And I think that church sign is just a bad idea! I get the point, but I just don't think it's as wise as the church sign that says:


What's missing? UR

Anonymous said...

Bless your soul....third times the charm but I was a whimp and stopped @ 2. Rock on!

Marie said...

Whew! I'm glad you found those feet!

What are those people thinking?

Rachel said...

LOL! Poor feet...

And yes, the Church sign is arrogant at best, and stupid at worst. Am I allowed to say that about a Church sign?