Friday, February 19, 2010

Call off the bloodhounds...I'm right here!


When blogging ONCE a week becomes a struggle, you might as well just quit. I've had lots to blog about lately, but just no energy/time/desire/chocolate to do so. (The lack of chocolate is a total fabrication. In fact, the eating of the chocolate takes up a lot of blogging time. Or so I've heard.)

So, instead of real, insightful-type post, I will post some random pictures of things that have recently amused/confused/aggravated me. Fair enough?

First off, can someone explain tiny shirt-sleeve pockets to me?  I put on this wonderfully soft and cozy pink shirt a couple of weeks ago and was dismayed and confused by the tiny pocket on my sleeve.

It's not big enough to put ANYTHING in.  And if you did find something tiny enough to put in it, it would fall out the first time you raise your arm.  And it looks weird.

Then I remembered I had another one in the closet at home:
What's the deal?

Next, we got a letter from the Census Bureau this week.  You probably got one, too.  When I saw the envelope, I was all, "Okay, finally.  I'll fill this bad boy out and be done with it."  (I'm occasionally efficient like that.) But, alas, no.  It was not to be.

Instead they sent this INCREDIBLY USEFUL letter to tell me that they would be sending the actual census form soon.  Thanks, U.S. Government.  The tree that gave its life for that piece of paper that you sent us is eternally grateful, as is our national deficit.  Great thinking.  I can only hope you'll send me another letter a few days after I get the census form to remind me to fill it out and send it in. 

Next, gas station pickles are NASTY.

I don't care if you are pregnant or not--they are gross.  (I may or may not have bought the pickle the same day I bought a dozen chocolate covered doughnuts and a blue raspberry Slush Puppy.  Go ahead and judge me.  The cashier did.)

What a happy perk this is!

Why does EVERY store not have expectant mother parking?  I think I'm gonna start a petition.

Finally, I found something sorta neat at Babies R Us on this same shopping expedition.  It's called Heartburn Tea.  It's made with cinnamon and marshmallow root and all sorts of herbal friendliness.  I haven't tried it yet, but the whole concept of stomach acid shooting out my nose Sunday night made me decide it was time to try something, ANYTHING different to help.  (Don't pretend  you aren't jealous.  It's not every day you get to smell digestive fluids hanging out in your sinuses.  Unless you are me.  Good times.)

Anyhow, here's the box:

Is it just me, or could they have put ANYTHING else on the box besides that half-nekkid woman?  Granted, that look on her face kinda makes me think that she could feasibly have heartburn, but REALLY?!?  Put a cute, winged baby on the box.  Or a volcano spewing hot lava.  Or me writhing in agony with a kleenex stuffed up the right side of my nose.  Anything but that lady!

So, yeah.  That's what's been going on in my head.  Sad, but true.

Have a great weekend!

13 delightful comments:

Wade's World said...

I haven't gotten a census letter yet, but I can't even fathom them spending money on advertising for the census. Don't they realize that the census is required by law. Why spend the money on advertising?

The Shoe Station store in our town has expectant mother parking. Such a rare treat! You should totally start a petition!

And the box of tea? It's not like it's even an attractive picture of the half nekkid woman!

Jill said...

Yay! Glad you're back. You're a riot!

Trina said...

I hope they paid that lady model alot of money. Or maybe they didn't and that explains the look on her face.

Kristen said...

I'm over from AL Bloggers.

So funny. I do not understand the purpose of the small pocket on the sleve either.

If you get the pickle out of the BIG glass jar...those are the good ones, like the ones they sell at softball games in the concession stands.

I too LOVE the preggo parking, I have seen them at the Galleria in Bham & at the Shoe Station in Prtvll...LOVE LOVE LOVE these!

And I have no idea what they were thinking on that tea...naked does not equal organic in my book...

erythisis said...

I got a "we're going to send you something" letter like that when the government sent out the stimulus checks to people. The only "good" reason I can see to it is to let people know they shouldn't go on a trip until they get the real thing.

As to the tea, I can see why they put that picture on it (earth mama), but agree that picture may not have been the best choice.

Marie said...

LOL! I agree with everything. Those gas station attendents can be so judgmental!

Rachel said...

That box picture is .... yikes. It wouldn't make me all excited to drink their tea.

And seriously?? You ate a GAS STATION PICKLE? Ew.

Rachel said...

...and I just judged. All of a sudden, I feel like a gas station attendant.


Mrs. Jennifer said...

Oh I so feel ya. I LOVE spicy food more than life and I deveolped heartburn the moment of conception.
But come on, who in the world were they marketing that tea to?!? Some kind of weird-o preggie chasers?? I've got the heebie-jeebies...

Christen said...

That Big Papa pickle does look gross, hope you were able to find some good pickles to satisfy your craving!
That picture on the heartburn tea is awful, they'd probably sell more tea if they changed the picture!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Thanks for the laugh. :0) When I was in the military, all the base commisaries and BX's had pregnancy parking. It was sooo nice, especially when I was pregnant smack dab in the middle of the summer in Florida!

Wendy said...

I'm afraid of that pickle. It looks like it could be Belgian. I wonder if it would fit in your arm pockets though. Hmmm...

Life In Progress said...

Oh my gosh, I just about had tea come out my nose when I got to the picture of the tea! What the heck?