Monday, February 08, 2010

Luke's Salute to Soldiers

Luke and I were working as a team Saturday night.  I hauled all his clothes out of his closet and started sorting out what was too small. (Are you jealous yet?  What an action packed life I lead!)  On the questionable items, I had Luke try on the pants and/or shirts to see if they fit.  This is how it played out:

Me:  "Does it fit?"
Luke:  "Ummm.  No.  I don't think so."
Me:  "What's wrong?"
Luke:  "It's too tight in the soldiers."
Me:  (Failing to stifle a giggle)  "In the WHAT?"
Luke: " It's too tight ON MY SOLDIERS!"
Me:  (Guffawing)  "Where is THAT?"
Luke:  (Points to shoulders.)

Gives all new meaning to "Going Commando," doesn't it?

I added this to Wendy's "Life is Funny" Blog Carnival.  Check it out!

10 delightful comments:

Wendy said...

Thank goodness he didn't point elsewhere... ;o)

~Mad said...

THIS is one of your best!!!!!!!
Thanks you for the smiles!

Love, ~Mad

Wade's World said...

Love it!!

Rachel said...

That is so super awesome. I love it!

Jill said...

He is a serious hoot! I love it!

Christen said...


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Yes, I would have to agree with blogger number one!!!

Cute story. Hope you're feeling good!

jennifer said...

HA HA HA HA HA! How bloomin' funny!!!

Marie said...

Oh yeah, I was totally thinking he was gonna....what Wendy said! LOL. Great post. Glad you managed to get this done before you passed out from the shrimp and grits and homemade blah blah blah...(I'm not jealous.....much)

Anonymous said...

LOL!! It reminds me of a time when Flowergirl called me her "breast friend." Looooove what kids come up with!