Tuesday, November 03, 2009

“Hope on the Horizon”

November 3, 2009

On a recent drive to Birmingham, I found myself looking anxiously toward the clouds.  They were dark, heavy, and just plain foreboding-looking.  The sun was absolutely nowhere to be seen.  The longer I drove, the worse the sky looked.  I was pretty concerned that the weather was about to take a turn for the worse.  I found myself fretting and wishing I was anywhere but there.

The closer I got to my destination, I started noticing a change.  As I looked toward the horizon, I could make out a distinct line in the distance.  The sky directly over me was still just as threatening in appearance as it had been, but I could make out the hope of better weather on the horizon.  As I drew nearer to that line, an amazing thing happened.  The clouds seemed to dissipate right above my head.   
Before I knew it, I was surrounded by glorious sunlight.  My spirits were buoyed by the sight.

Oh, how often that same scenario plays out in my life!  When the troubles of life surround me, threatening to close in about me, I can lose sight of hope.  Instead of looking to the source of light and hope, I focus on the darkness around me and the problems I expect to assail me.

 When I look towards Jesus, all my fears, doubts, and current problems dissipate.  When I take shelter from the storms of life in the arms of Jesus, He soothes my troubled heart and causes the storms to be calmed.  
No matter if the Son seems to be obscured by the clouds, He is still there, offering hope and refuge.  I praise Him for that!

9 delightful comments:

Rachel said...

Great post, and too true!

Hopefully you'll be making that drive to Bham again soon? After all, Ali regretted skipping out on you last time :)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

The clouds are closing in on me but so nice to know that my Lord is under those clouds trying to break through. What a beautiful devotional you wrote!!

Wade's World said...

Wonderful post!

Jill said...

Lianne, that was wonderful and so "deep"!

jennifer said...

I praise Him for that too!

Love the photographs that you put with this post. Well done!

jennifer said...

When I click over to read the best post of the week and realize I've already read it? It makes me feel so current :)

Worth seeing again! Have a wonderful weekend Lianne!

Christen said...

Those are some awesome pictures! Just looking at the sky reminds me of how great and mighty the Lord is!

Kate Bagley said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing! What a wonderful reminder of how great the Lord is!

Marie said...

Our pastor has a saying, "The source of all problems is taking our eyes off Christ and the solution for all problems is to fix our eyes on Christ." or something very close to that. I agree with you both. Great post. Great pics too.