Monday, February 16, 2009

Yea for President's Day!

The kids are home from school today for the President's Day "holiday." ("Mommy, do we get presents for it?") Luke had to write his Daddy, who was not off from work today, an e-mail:

"Hi Daddy!

This is Luke. I have a wiggly tooth. It is my 4th bottom teeth on the front. You are the best Daddy in the world. Mommy wiggled my tooth, too. I got up at 8:04, but didn't get Mommy up until 9:15 because I was wiggling my tooth a lot. I am going to play Cincinnati Bearcats vs. West Virginia Mountaineers today on the Wii. I am going to beat them big-time. I am going to do the quarter for 10 minutes long.

I am going to eat oatmeal for breakfast because it is soft. No corn on the cob for me!

Infinity hugs times infinity kisses!
I love you infinity times infinity!
That's all I wanted to say 'cause it's a lot of stuff.


Yea for wiggly teeth and sleeping late!

On an unrelated note, I lost a follower today. He never commented, never said a word. He just silently appeared from India (!) one day and just slipped away, almost unnoticed, during the night last evening. Farewell, guy I never knew...

Sidenote: Just had to RUN to the breakfast nook after hearing a very loud crash, followed by .57 of a second of silence, followed by the requisite scream. Luke had fallen out of his chair, while eating the last 2 spoons of aforementioned oatmeal. He bruised his EARLOBE (Who knew that an earlobe could bruise?!) on the floor. He cried, while I held a bag of frozen cauliflower on his ear, until Emma came downstairs. He couldn't wait to show her the wiggly tooth.

Happy Monday, everyone!

4 delightful comments:

Anonymous said...

Not fair you got to sleep later than me! We have had a bruised ear but it didn't make is all the way to the lobe. Who knew a body part could turn such nasty colors.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Lost a follower from India?? Another blog I follow said that someone, who wanted to remain anonymous, was upset at something she wrote. What's going on here??
All I can say is, it's the guy's lost for deciding not to follow you anymore!!!
I will remain a faithful follower!!! Sorry your son hurt himself!!!

Jawan said...

Hey Lianne! I'm now a subscriber of your blog as well...consider me a stalker, too!

The Happy Housewife said...

Earlobe! That is a first in for me. I have never heard of that! I am glad he is okay. I loved the email to dad, so cute!