Saturday, June 05, 2010

Wrapped in HIS Word

I had one of those “A-ha” moments at 3:00 a.m. while I was in the hospital after delivering Anna
Beth.  One of my nurses came in and proceeded to carry on a conversation with me about who-
knows-what, as she woke me out of a dead sleep.  She complimented the quilt that we had
Anna Beth wrapped in.  It is a beautiful quilt that is covered with scriptures that are meant to
encourage and inspire.  It is sure to become an heirloom.

After the nurse walked out, I started considering some of the scriptures embroidered on the
blanket, like Isaiah 66:13, which reads, “As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.”  
What beautiful imagery to think of God acting like a mother to a child!  A mother is tender,
loving, kind, merciful, and usually just what an infant most desires when scared or hurting…all
of which God is to us as well!

Another scripture on the quilt is Proverbs 30:5, which says, “Every Word of God is flawless, He
is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.”  As I admired Anna Beth’s sleeping form in the
cradle next to me, I prayed this scripture over her.  I prayed that she, as well as Emma and
Luke, will always wrap themselves in God’s inerrant Word.  I prayed that they will always use
His Word as a shield against the things of this world that discourage our hearts and lead us
away from God.  I hope that they will turn to Him as a refuge in times of trouble and rejoice in
His Word in times of happiness.  I pray that their paths will be made straight in their
acknowledgement of Him (Proverbs 3:6).  It is my heart’s desire that they will know the Lord
and love Him first and most of all.

What about you?  Are you wrapped in His Word today?  If not, please consider how comforting
and encouraging it would be to feel His presence every moment as He guides and protects
you.  If you are wrapped in His Word, thank Him for His grace and mercy.

p.s.  Sorry about the super-weird spacing on this post.  Blogger hates me today.

6 delightful comments:

Mama Hen said...

Oh me, she is sooooo precious. Do you just sit and hold her all day? I would!

What a wonderful quilt for her to always have.

Lianne said...

If she had her way, I WOULD sit and hold her all day. It was 3:15 before I could get a shower today because she did NOT want to be put down! I do enjoy all the cuddliness, though. I forgot how fun that is! :)

Christen said...

What a cool quilt, I'm sure Anna Beth will treasure it for years to come!

Jill said...

So beautiful! That quilt is wonderful - wrapping her in the Word. I love it.

Chelly said...

What a beautiful prayer! I pray the same things for Colin. Love you!

joven said...

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