Friday, September 11, 2009

Yes, he is always THAT funny.

September 11, 2009

Yesterday I heard Luke telling Emma about something he wanted to play. I listened closely the 2nd time he said it to make sure I'd heard him correctly.

He said, "Emma, where is my chump rope? I want to chump rope with you."

I asked, "Luke, did you just say 'chump' rope?"

He said, "Yep."

I laughed a lot.

The day before that, we heard the Free Credit Report commercial on the radio. You know the one: "F-R-E-E, that spells free!" Luke was listening carefully (mostly because I was singing and dancing to it), and had a confused look on his face. (Maybe it was my dancing...)

"Why are they singing about that?"

I told him it was a commercial to get a free credit report and that f-r-e-e did, indeed, spell 'free.'

He thought for a second.

"But why do they spell the number the same way?"

It took me a few seconds to catch on.

"Do you mean three, t-h-r-e-e?"

He replied, "Yep. 'Free.' T-h-r-e-e."


(This is how Luke ALWAYS sits. We call him "Pretzel Boy." I'm pretty sure I was NEVER that flexible.)

3 delightful comments:

Jill said...

I bet ya'll laugh alot at your house! That was cute!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

My daughter LOVES the free credit report commercials. It's our favorite song right now...

Rachel said...

LOL - what a funny boy! Isn't blogging a perfect outlet to save stories like this to torture them with in their teenage years? Just think...we'll be tweeting their girlfriends/boyfriends links to embarrassing'll be great.