Thursday, September 10, 2009

Disturbing Toy Alert

September 10, 2009

Oh, look. Emma found a funny rubber chicken. It is just so hilarious, what with its rubbery chicken-ness. Oh, dear. What's that? Eek! What came first, the rubber chicken or the nasty rubber egg? Complete with yolk? Ugh. I die.I found these on the Clearance Aisle at Toys-R-Us. I just can't imagine why they were there.They are "Baby Abuelitas." Tiny little dolls of grandparents. That sing. In Spanish. That look really odd. And Creepy.
One more disturbing kid-related item, just for kicks...

Martha Stewart wants to help you make a Halloween costume for Junior.

What disturbing items for kids have you found lately? Are you going to make a costume for your baby that makes other people want to eat him or her?

7 delightful comments:

Rachel said...

My dog was a lobster last year!

Jill said...

Oh girl. That chicken - I just don't know what to say.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

My son had one of those chickens. It really bothered me as well until one day he squeezed it so hard it broke. Thank God.

That picture of the baby is too much!

Enjoy your day!

ella144 said...

Ok, the rubber chicken w/egg is creepy but in a funny way. The Grandparent dolls are odd.


The lobster costume is just wrong. That kid's head is coming out of the lobster's backside. Does that freak anyone else out?

Rachel said...

Awesome. I HATE those squeezable toys. They eek me out.

Wendy said...

Doesn't everyone want their child to get the part of 1st Lobster in the Christmas pageant?

Christen said...

That Martha Stewart Halloween costume is terrible, who would put their baby it something like that?!