Monday, August 17, 2009

Praising God!!!

Thank you all for your prayers! Elliot had a lot of scar tissue damage, but the surgery was a success! The next 7 days are very important in Elliot's healing process, so continue to pray for no complications and quick healing.

Pray for Baby Gracen from South Carolina tomorrow. He is also an EA baby. He will be having the same surgery. They will do another surgery on another baby on Wednesday that burned his esophagus by drinking Drano. These surgeons are amazing!

4 delightful comments:

Wendy said...

Hooray! Big hurdle down! Praying for a wonderful recovery!

Armchair Housewife said...

Hey friend I am reading all three posts late in the day and will be praying for Elliot, please do keep us posted. My nephew, as you may remember, was born with his intestnes outside of his body, two months early and ewight about four pounds. after 6 monhts in a hospital, and another 3 months of varioud surgeries, he is a happy, healthy, chubby wonderful little baby boy with total health and wellness. God is good and DOES answerr prayers, there were many times we worried Devon was touch and go.

Plese keep us posted, I am trusting the father to work wonders.

Jill said...

Praise the Lord!

Rachel said...

Yay! Keep us posted!