Sunday, August 02, 2009

Birthday, Bugs, and a Philosophy for Life.

August 3, 2009

Do you know what is special about today???
[No, not just because it's "National Watermelon Day," although that IS pretty awesome.]
Today is the day I made my appearance in this world! [Thanks, Mom & Dad!]

Now, let us eat cake!

But don't put a bite in yet...

I have found evidence of Armageddon:
Yes, that would be those nasty bugs I mentioned last week. This is the wall outside the Fellowship Hall at our church. If this isn't proof of pestilence of Biblical proportion, well, then, I don't know what is...I dare you to click on it to get a close-up view. It was a freaky, writhing mess.

Now, it's safe for you to eat your cake.

My final thought for today is from a note Luke wrote for no one in particular. It made Jason and I laugh, but it also hit home in a pretty deep way:

[In case you can't read it, it says "Danse like a fool."]

Dancing like a fool? I'm not really sure where he picked that up from, although, it does sound suspiciously like something I may or may not have said about our cute little Santa that shakes his hiney for us at Christmastime.

I guess that in Luke's mind, to "Danse like a fool" is to just let down all your inhibitions and just enjoy the moment. Luke is my happy-go-lucky child, not one to worry, and is just generally good-natured. (I don't know where he gets it from. He comes from a long line of worriers.) Luke is just a little more willing to take a risk on being joyful and not to care what others think about his joy.

Jason keeps this reminder next to the bed, so that it's the last thing he sees every night before he goes to sleep and the first thing he sees every morning. I think we are going to work on learning to "Danse" more.

I am resolved to spending more of my time in my 3Xth (those who need to know, know) year finding the joy in the moment and taking the time to "Danse like a fool."

You haven't entered my giveaway yet? Seriously? Today is the last day! Go for it!

11 delightful comments:

Wendy said...

Okay, who can eat cake after looking at those bugs? Are we sure it's really chocolate frosting on that cake? Why is it moving? AAAAAA!!!

And really, how old are you?

Rachel said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Liannnnnne, those bugs are really gross.

Oh, that's not how the song was supposed to end. I just couldn't shake that blown up image. I do hope that you sprayed them with something toxic. That would have probably cut down on half of your town's bug population.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I hope you have a great day! Love your blog and visiting with you!

Armchair Housewife said...

What a sweet an funny entry, as always. First of all, those bugs are out of CONTROL. They are evil and ugly and bluughhslslkdjfgrrr. Give me the willies!

I prau you will dance like a fool more in this 3Xth year as well, sister. :) And your story makes my biological clock tick louder than the clacking of the keys on my laptop. Haha.. can you tell Im about to turn 30? ;)

Christen said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday! I couldn't bring myself to click on the bug picture to blow it up, the small version was disgusting enough for me!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday! Yes, it's your birthday in my time now, too. In your honor I will be doing a Birthday Dance. Also in honor of your birthday, I won't do the dance in my birthday suit. No one wants to see that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, happy birthday!!!! Avoid those pesky bugs....nasty!

Melissa said...

Ugh, I just *had* to click on the bug picture, didn't I?? My stomach just did flips!

Happy 30-something Birthday anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

I clicked on your baby pictures! I remember those : ) That was my real live baby doll! Happy Birthday, I hope you are having a beautiful day. (Without the bug part)..


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! And it's National Watermelon Day? Very cool.

tonya said...

ummm I'm placing bets Luke's been doing more than dansing and may have transplanted a few creepy, crawly things to your house. I'm just sayin!

-Happy Birthday. Sorry missed lunch, but had such a better offer, ha ha ha NOT!