Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blog Soup

July 22, 2009

I have several things I need to say (before I forget), so this is a leftover-thought-soup-type-post. Prepare to chase some rabbits.

Recently I entered a contest at Jill's blog to win a really awesome beach bag/purse. It took me a while to actually enter the contest because I couldn't stop laughing at her humiliating beach story. You need to read it.

So, this is my new bag:

I am not at the prom, in case you were wondering. Luke took this picture Monday night at Vacation Bible School in front of the waterfall I made. Also, I'd like to point out that the double-chin is an illusion created when a 48 3/4 inch person takes your picture from below.

See? No double chin in this picture that my Mom took later. But then the flabby arm illusion is created. I can't win. You can also see my new outcropping of freckles that I acquired at the Guin Waterpark with the kids earlier in the day. (We won't mention that you can see my bra strap, too, because that would not be classy.)

We had a great time at the Waterpark. More pictures to come later...

Finally, as I mentioned, we are having VBS at our church this week. Monday night I taught a lesson about Jesus walking on the water. I asked the kids how that story shows us that Jesus was God's Son. This guy (Luke J. ) came up with a great answer:
"Because he looked like Jesus."

Exactly. There you go.

6 delightful comments:

Walking on Sunshine... said...

You're too funny! When I ask my son to take my picture, I make him stand on a chair. Takes 10 pounds off! Love the beach bag!

Jill said...

You and the bag make a great couple! You look great!

Christen said...

Very cute beach bag, love the bright colored ribbon!

Armchair Housewife said...

Boy, I'm really going to have to remember Lois' trick should the Lord bless us with children; the last thing I need is ten more pounds. :) You looked lovely, by the way, you freckles really suit you and your waterall looks great.

And the thing that roped me in to working in kids ministries were their perspectives on things. You can't beat it. THanks for sharing!

Valerie said...

lol I love the comments that little kids make. Congrats on your new beach bag! Oh and I don't think your arms look bad!!

Rachel said...

See, if you can't win a book, at least you won a much cuter bag!!