Tuesday, March 03, 2009

God in action...at Subway?

I'm baaaaa-ck! I took a little hiatus from the world of blogging to spend some time decorating for the kindergarten play all last week and yesterday and...guess what else I did!?! Here are some euphemisms for it (some I'd never heard before, but are FUNNY!):
  • laughing at the carpet
  • shouting groceries
  • driving the bus
  • calling Ralph on the big white telephone
  • giving a rainbow speech

I had the stomach virus. A badddd case of it. I lost 7 lbs in 24 hours. Not the way to go about it, I'll tell you that. What's really embarrassing is that I was the first in the household to get it this time. Usually a kid gets it first and I just blame them. Oh well. I'm better now, though.

On the Sunday night that I got sick, we went to Subway for dinner (right before it happened--ewww!) I got to see God in action right there at Subway.

As we were (thankfully) finishing up with dinner, a lady on the other side of the room choked on her sub. An off-duty police officer was standing in line next to her booth and performed the Heimlich on her. There was a nurse in the next booth and her mom. They helped clean the lady up (and the resulting mess) and get her calmed down.

She was fine afterwards, but said her stomach was sore. She sheepishly went up and thanked him once she'd gotten cleaned up and calmed down, and he'd gotten cleaned up as well.
She didn't hang around long after it happened--she was probably embarrassed, but she took the rest of her sub home! : )

It was scary. It took me a minute for the enormity of it to sink in--how God had put all those people there together for that reason. God's foresight and provision to put the right people at the right place at precisely the right time is just unreal! To put all the right elements into play right when, where, and how they needed to be put is just something man is incapable of. (What a terribly worded sentence, but it's true!) It was cool to see God in action like that. What an awesome God we serve!

On a sidenote, I think more people should know the Heimlich. I wish I did! I've not been formally trained, but performed it on my son when he was 2 or 3. He had aspirated a Dum Dum sucker (stick and all) when he was coughing. He just inhaled it. I grabbed him and did the Heimlich, without even thinking. I guess my Momma's instinct kicked in!

Have a great week, y'all!

5 delightful comments:

Busy Mom in NJ said...

Glad you are back! So sorry you had the stomach bug. I had it first in my family too! Not fun. Lost 10 pounds myself LOL. God is amazing about putting the right people in our path. Thanks for sharing!!

Armchair Housewife said...

Driving the bus?

Ok, that's a new one.

7lbs in 24 hours? Goodness me, woman! That was serious puking you did.

I agree that God's provision is amazing, and it's times like that that it's like he peels back space and time for us so we can see how perfectly he is orchestrating things. He's a great God!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

She took the rest of her sub home with her??? I don't know how I could have finished MY sub! Anyway, glad that worked out. Glad you're doing better. I've had the flu for over a week now and although feeling somewhat better, am still tired!!! Awful! Okay, and why am I the only one who never loses weight when sick??? Last year right after my dad died I had an awful stomach bug, I really think it was the stress of him being gone, but anyway, I was so sick and didn't lose a thing!!! Oh well!

Temple said...

Ewwww..glad you are better! And, it may have been the SubWay...I have learned from past litigation experience that they order the lowest grade of processed meat possible in the food chain...part of their "healthy" image, I guess...

melodyofamom said...

Aw man, my daughter choking is one of my worst nightmares! I'm glad your mommy instinct kicked in when you had that problem!