Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last post of 2008!

Hi all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are all looking forward to a blessed 2009! I have been taking a little break from the world of blogging to spend the holidays with my family...

And take down the scads of Christmas decorations...

I promise I will be back to writing more regularly soon!

In the meantime, here is my devotional for the month of January. God bless you all!

“Broken Vessels”

I am an admitted klutz. If you hand me something breakable, there is a fairly good chance I’m going to drop it or mangle it in some way. I am also cheap. I do not like to throw things away if I think they can be fixed. I am a super glue fanatic!

Every Christmas as I take ornaments out of storage, I always find that some ornaments didn’t survive the year. An angel’s wing will have broken off, or Santa’s head snapped off again. Throw them away? Never! Super glue to the rescue! Super glue has saved more items that I consider precious than I care to admit.

You and I are breakable vessels, too. We end up getting broken by our own doing or the actions of others. Every time we get broken, God gently gathers the broken fragments and places them back together. The glue He uses doesn’t drip, weaken, or wear out. God doesn’t throw us away because we are broken. Oh no! It is when we are broken that we can be most useful to Him. After all, God chose the way of brokenness for His own Son in order to save the world.

In Hebrews 11, a.k.a. “The Hall of Faith” chapter, the writer extols us to be more like our heroes of our faith--to be ones “whose weakness was turned to strength.” God used David’s brokenness to make him a stronger vessel for His use. God used Samson’s weakness to glorify Himself.

Because God is our maker, who better knows how to put us back together when we are broken? God has known us since we were created (Psalm 139:14-16). Every step of our lives, God has been with use to pick us up when we fall and patch our wounds with His grace, even when we felt that the world was ready to throw us away.

In Colossians 1:17, Paul tells us that “in Him all things hold together.” God’s grace is the glue that holds us together. If you are feeling broken today, know that God is not ready to throw you away; rather, He wants you to depend on Him for healing. He wants you to use your brokenness for His glory.

2 delightful comments:

Temple said...

Would you like to come take down my scads of Xmas decor, too? I hate taking it down...kind of depressing. Hope you had a great holiday week and I love the new pink blog!

Valerie said...

Hey Lianne! I too hope you had a great holiday. I am glad you liked my New Year's Prayer. Did you get to read my Christmas day post? If you didn't you're probably going to love it!! It is right up your alley.

I kept posting over the holidays but didn't have the time to read or comment on my favorite blogs. I am glad I got to today. Loved your post today. It is so true. Oh I am a super/crazy glue fanatic too. As I was taking my tree down last night I had to glue one ornament and two of the train tracks that had broke while taking them apart.

Hope you have a great weekend!