Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A "Blogwich," if you will...

I have gotten a little behind on blogging this week due to real life actually having the nerve to get in the way. Hrrrmmppphh! Because of this, I am going to have to sandwich several of my thoughts together here into one post. Here goes!

My awesome friend (despite the Auburn fandom thing) Tiffany at Alabama Redhead Adventures gave me my first award EVER! Yea! I am so excited to have gotten an award! I didn't even know these things existed...Woo! I especially feel thrilled to have gotten it from Tiff, who writes one of the most hilarious and insightful blogs out there. Thank you!!!

I am supposed to pick 7 people to share it with, but I will hold off on that until I get to know a few more folks better. It would come off a little stalkerish right now to hand it over to some stranger, I think.

Similarly, my incredible friend, Temple at Cookies mean God loves you! (who I have known since we both had BIG, BIG HAIR and I think is a MAGNIFICENT and hysterical writer,) and my new friend and fellow Alabama fan, Valerie (RTR!) at It's a Wonderful Life,have both bestowed honors/tags upon me:

According to these gals, I am supposed to share 10 honest random things and 7 random/weird things about myself, so I think I am going to try to at least maim two flying creatures with the single rock. Oh, and I am supposed to tag 7 others to do this too, but again, fear of restraining orders holds me back.

In no particular order, here are the random/honest/weird facts:

1. When I go into my closet, I have to turn on the light. Even if I am just putting on a pair of shoes or hanging up a jacket, I have to turn it on and immediately turn it back off. I am not afraid of the dark...well, not too badly, but I think it's the OCD taking over. What's worse is that it makes me mad that I do it.

2. I cannot go to sleep at night without chapstick, preferably Burt's Bees variety, on my lips. I love the stuff. I am guessing they put crack in it because when I don't use it, my lips get dts and become horribly chapped. I am jonesing for some right now.

3. I hate to shake hands. I really do. I see you picking your nose in your car at the red light. Yes, I do. Now you want to shake my hand? I think not! But I do it at church anyway. Begrudgingly.

4. My husband proposed to me in a gondola in Venice, Italy. Romantic, right? All I could think about was, "Get up! Get up! You're gonna flip the boat over!" And I said "Yes." Not that I could've said "no," for all the trouble he went through! Oh, and if you were the Americans taking the pictures from the bridge and chanting, "Say yes, say yes," could you send me a copy of the pics? Thanks.

5. I hate lizards. I mean HATE 'em--but seemingly, they love me. One jumped down the top of my bathing suit when I was 16. One had a three day adventure in my house last Christmas, which you can read about here. Last week, ANOTHER one got in the house and hid amongst Christmas decorations. He was trying to be all chameleon-y and stuff.

6. I absolutely despise glitter. (No, not the Mariah Carey movie, although I'm sure that I would hate it if I watched it.) It is made up of ground-up evil and the souls of serial killers. I have a blog already written in my head about it. It will be posted later as a big time rant.

7. I hate to dust. I honestly believe in the "dust to dust" philosophy, and I'm pretty sure someone died or is about to be born on my bookshelves.

8. I was a Girl Scout for the cookies. No other reason. Just for the cookies. Man, I love cookies.

9. I nearly amputated my right index finger when I was 4. I stuck it in the chain of an exercise bicycle and leaned on the pedal. Strangely, they don't make exercise bicycles with exposed chains anymore. I should've sued.

10. I was the 5th grade spelling bee champion at Winfield Elementary School. I went on the the regional contest and misspelled "noisy." (i.e., I spelled it "noisey.") I will always remember how to spell "noisy," even if the cookies cause me to have a stroke, that will stay with me.

If you feel compelled to share some random facts about yourself after reading mine, let me know! Maybe I'll give you an award!

5 delightful comments:

Temple said...

Love it! And what did glitter ever do to you?

Ann said...

It is fun to read random things about people. Great list. I also put Burt's Bees wax on at night. :D

Feel free to stop by my blog...I'm having a give-a-way.

Armchair Housewife said...

Hahaha- great post for me to come over and get to know you! Thanks for the comment on my blog, oyu need to stop being worried about seeming like a "stalker". You ought to know that everyone loves to have new people comment on their blog! And who wouldn't want an award of some kind?! :)

Your list made me laugh and laugh, and I must repeat Temple's question of "what did glitter ever do to you?" I don't like cheap glitter, but I've discovered Martha Stewart's glitter and I'm loving it.

Some random me stuff:

1. I was a military kid and lived in seven states before I was 18, and I lived in two of them two different times.

2. I married a cannuck and have now lived in two Canadian provinces.

3. I hate dropping things. I get irrationally frustrated with dropping things, most especially in the kitchen.

4. I love the sound of people chewing gum, and the sound of people turning pages in books or magazines in a quiet room. My idea of heaven on earth? Sitting in a library where everyone is chewing gum. :)

5. My husband and I spent time together in person a total of about 25 days (spread out over a year) before we were married. And we're coming up on our 6th anniversary and our marriage only gets stronger.

Ok, that's probably enough. This was fun, your list was great and I'll be "following" you now for more great stuff. And I LOVE the title of your blog... I need that reminder sometimes. ;)


Anonymous said...

Guess I won't be bring glitter to your house!


Melissa said...

I've got a touch of that OCD too. I hate odd numbers and can't listen to the radio/TV when the volume is on an odd number. It used to anger me when I had to change it all the time, but now I've just accepted my weirdness and have forced everyone I know to do the same. Actually, it has now rubbed off on many of my friends.

I misspelled the word bonnet when I was in a Spelling Bee. I'm still angry about it. Who still uses the word bonnet?