Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Old pants ARE the enemy.

Not long ago I put on a pair of jeans that had been put in storage before my daughter, Emma, was born (probably since I got married in 1999--love does strange things to your waistline). Anyhow, since I've lost weight this year, I thought, "Hey, more clothes. That's always good!" So I get them out, look at the label which reads "Lerner New York." Hmmm...they haven't been Lerner New York since I was in college(1993-97), so these were honest-to-goodness college jeans! Yes!!!

So I put them on.

Apparently we were only about 1 step up from stonewashing/acid-washing jeans in 1996-97.

Bon Jovi would've approved of these jeans. The color was monstrous.
It was not a shade even found in the 96 crayon Crayola box that my children own.

Oh, it's all well and good that they fit, but who wants to look like they stepped out of a Dave Matthews video, really? Oh well.

I suppose this means I must shop for new jeans. Woe is me.

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Temple said...

So odd that we shared a similar pants flashback experience...oh, and I've been meaning to tell you, congrats on the weight loss! Awesome! I can tell in your pics! I should use you for inspiration in my own battle with the treadmill (which I am currently winning as evidenced by the creeping numbers on my scale each morning...)