Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No mo' snow!

I live in the South--land of humidity and sweat. So, you can imagine our glee/surprise/unpreparedness when presented with a forecast calling for 4-8 inches of snow and ice. 

Day one: Friday-Go to Wal-Mart for basic grocery run.  Lose my mind and take all three kids with me. All the crazies were already out in full force, buying all the milk, bread, Pop Tarts, and Diet Coke.  Trip takes twice as long as usual. It's going to be nice to have a few days of downtime at home. 

Day two:  Saturday-Jason and Luke go to the BBVA Bowl Game. I stay home with the girls and clean. I realize mid-afternoon that I may be housebound soon due to weather. Strongly recommend we go out to eat. Jason wisely agrees. Kids look forward to pretty snow. 

Day three: Sunday, a.k.a., beginning of  the Snowpocalypse of 2011- The sleet and snow begin to fall at 5:00. The kids are excited. School is closed for Monday.  I go into a baking frenzy and make homemade bread and lasagna.  I pray that our all-electric home doesn't lose power.  By 10:00 p.m., we have 2.25" of snow on the ground. So pretty!  Tootie declares a moratorium on going outside to so her business, since the snow is neck-deep for her.  

Day four: Monday- We enjoy the unspoiled beauty of 4 inches of snow in the front yard, that is, until the neighbor kids start playing in our yard and spoil it. (Before I could take pictures. Grrrr!). Luke, Emma, and I go out and build a snowman. We name him Bama Bob.  Jason works from home. Already the older two are starting to fuss and argue. Hot chocolate, warm baths, and all day in jammies seems to help. Tootie continues her protest.   

Day five:  Tuesday-Still no school. Snow is still there. Kinda over it. Jason works from home again. Kids are restless, tempers are short. Cabin fever has set in hard. Snow is still there. Tootie's excretory system must be in mortal danger by now.  Bama Bob was murdered by neighbors' hateful dog. Family mourns. But at least there will be school tomorrow, right?  RIGHT?!?!

Day six: Wednesday- NO.  No school. Jason braves the treacherous roads to go to work in Birmingham. Kids take on prisoner mindset, start forming gangs and getting jailhouse tattoos.

Tootie gives up and does her thing on the ice. She fairly well explodes.  Temps aren't getting out of the 20's.

Ugly snow.
Spiteful snow.
Evil snow not melting. 

Help me. I'm running out of bread and milk. I think the kids are planning a riot.  I'm pretty sure Anna Beth tried to shank me with a pacifier/shiv.  Well, we definitely will have school tomorrow.

Update:  There is no school on Thursday.  

God help me.

7 delightful comments:

Wade's World said...

While your homebound situation sounds less than fun, we got 1/2 inch of ice here, and the forecast for snow was a bust. So basically, we had FREEZING cold temps, nasty roads, and drizzly rain and nothing else. I wish I could have at least seen a snowflake!

And Boo to the neighbor kids for ruining your snow!

Mama Hen said...

At least you had snow! We just had ice and sleet. Which turned into gross sludge throughout the day and then it all iced over again during the night.

I know you are going crazy, but your commentary sure was funny.

Jill said...

Girl, where do you live? I'm in Trussville and the kids around here are finally going back to school today.

Your house is beautiful!

Jill_in_AL said...

you make me laugh. seriously! Had a ball on Monday; Tuesday was full of fighting while playing Playstation. We still have yard of white stuff but the streets are OK; went back to school yesterday -- THANK GOD. seriously!

midnightblooms said...

We've been out all week too. The kids could have gone back today since the roads are mostly clear, but it was only a half day and tomorrow is an in-service day, so I think the district decided a half day for the whole week wasn't worth it.

Also, all our snow turned to ice. Slippery, deadly, PAINFUL ice.

Also, also, 19 degrees F is so cold it doesn't feel cold.

Dwight said...

Lianne's Dad says:
Our oldest dog, Lucy has mastered the art of the 30 second relief trip. Tucker, the 150 pound bottomless pit with the soulful eyes, on the other hand sounds like an old bull moose as he crunches through the snow and ice and making the back yard into a war zone. Then they both want in FAST!
Tonight we can look for more wonderful temperatures - if it were Celcius degrees (14 C = 68 F).
My only confort is that this too will pass in God's plan. Tonight I must ask HIM for much more patience as I await the return of warm weather.
I love you,

Rachel said...

We got ice. It stank. And I had an infected tooth. Which made any sort of food, drink, or sleep nearly impossible. I feel your snowpain.