Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maybe It's Lost in Translation...

Last week I went on a field trip with Luke to see "The Wizard of Oz" in Birmingham.  When it was all over, Luke and I decided to go "someplace nice" for lunch.  (He suggested Taco Bell, which really wasn't what I had in mind.)  We enjoyed a wonderful and fun lunch at a hibachi table at Stix.  As we were about to leave, one of the Japanese waiters comes over to me and points at my stomach.

"Oh," he said.  "That looks like twins."

Y'all, I was so flabbergasted, I couldn't even react.  I mumbled something completely unintelligible about it just being one and walked away.

Well, at least it only happened once, right?

Oh, but no.


Last Sunday night we ate at our local Mexican restaurant.  Our waitress looked at me and inquired, "Baby?"  I said, "Yes, only about 4 more weeks."

Her eyes stretched wide.  "4 BABIES?  QUATRO BAMBINOS?"

I quickly answered, "Oh, no, no, no.  Just one."

She laughed.  "Oh, okay.  First baby?"

I smiled as politely as I could.  "No, actually this will be my third."

Her eyes stretched wide again.  "Oh, so it's TRES BAMBINOS!"

I shook my head in a vigorous "NO" signal and excused myself to go sit in the car and cry.

Or not.  But that made you feel really sad for me, huh?

I saw a church sign today that said, "He who has tact has less to retract."

I like this a lot.  Especially right now.  The power of the belly compels total strangers to grope me and say things that are so far-fetched that I could scream.

In related news, I think we finally found Charlie Brown's long-lost "Great Pumpkin."

11 delightful comments:

Wade's World said...

I cannot believe the nerve of some people.

Anyways, I think you look great. I hope things continue to go great for you!

Wendy said...

Okay, really? Have these people never seen a pregnant woman before? I still don't think you look that big. And it seems like you're still carrying pretty high, so it doesn't look like you're ready to pop. What's wrong with these people? Oh, and still totally jealous that you're having another one!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

I hate that Lianne, but just remember, one day you will look back and laugh hysterically about it! You know we all do! Right now, though, you are entitled to bite off heads. You have permission.

ella144 said...

You look great, and trust me you don't look that big. Remind me to show you pictures from when I was pregnant with John. Oy, that kid was almost 10lbs at birth. When he dropped I still couldn't breathe.

People asked me if I was having twins with all three of mine, especially if they knew that Sam was a twin. I would smile and laugh and gently correct them and nod along with all the advice and comments all the time reminding myself that my reward was a sweet little baby. (Actually my reward was not being pregnant anymore, but it was the same thing, right?)

Also, the conversation with the Mexican lady was clearly not making it over the language barrier. Nothing to do with you. That's why she was so surprised. :)

Remember, smile and think "only four more weeks"

Christen said...

People seriously do not think before they open their mouths!
Hope the last 4 weeks pass quickly!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

You look BEAUTIFUL!!!

When I was pregnant with my first, everyone kept saying it was twins. So I know exactly how you feel! And I had her 6 weeks early. So I was huge.

My son was 10 1/2 pounds at birth and I was so huge I couldn't even drive.

Enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy. Soon you'll have that beautiful little girl to hold!!!

Merry said...

Just smack them next time. Well, okay, it's probably better you don't do that. I remember wanting to smack people when I was pregnant though The nerve of strangers!

~Mad said...

I remember when you used to sit up on the table across from my cubicle - but, that was your first.

So, now you are having a pumpkin?

Sorry - could not resist!
Love you!

Rachel said...

Crazy people! I think you look great - and not at all pregnant with more than one child!! My theory when I was at that stage was that people just don't see enough 9-months-preggo-ladies to remember just how big we have to get to grow a HUMAN in our bodies.

But again, you look precious, and perfectly normal!

jennifer said...

Girl, I will say it again - LOOK at your hips in that pic. Look at your legs and the fact that your butt isn't poking out. LOOK at your face how nice and thin it is. Lianne, you look GREAT!

Yeah, you look pregnant but not odd pregnant (the basketball look always seemed a little off to me - where is the protection for the baby?). You GLOW! So don't let careless statements of others bother you.

And if anything in this comment qualifies as a "careless statement", forgive me and love me anyway :)

Anonymous said...

You look wonderful! You can still wear your rings and you are in the same shoe sizes. I went from a sze 6.5 shoe to a 9 wide and I wore my rings on a ribbon for 3 months and the girls were seven and a half weeks early. You look normal. She will be here on May 12th and you will have to share her with the rest of us. You only have a few more days that is it just you to hold her.

Love you