Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On The Road Again...

I was so proud of myself a couple of weeks ago. I was blogging nearly every day, laundry was done, the house was reasonably clean... Then, I got the car serviced last Wednesday and everything fell apart. Sorta. Mostly just the house and laundry, but the blogging totally stopped and all the driving started.
I had to drive to Tuscaloosa (70-ish miles each way) three times in the last week to get car stuff done. ($1600 worth of stuff for free, plus a free rental car--Thank you Tuscaloosa Toyota!!!) Here is a list of things I saw on my journeys that interested me:

1.Trailer with deck on roof--and a pool!
This defies explanation to me. It also reminds me of the "Winston County Duplexes" that we saw on the way to Nashville (not actual location of photo since I forgot to take a pic):
Two trailers shoved together under one roof! The South has style!

2. More Cowbell--This time on a vanity plate on a BMW. I know the picture is too blurry to read, but trust me, it's there. Behold, "COWBELL:"3. Jesus in a box--If you've ever driven Hwy 13/43 to Tuscaloosa, you've likely seen this life-sized statue of Jesus in a lighted plexiglass box with a roof. I would love to know the story of how that came about. I can just picture the conversation: Earline: "Bob, I've been thinking about what I'd like to put out in the yard."
Bob: "What? Azaleas? A birdbath?"
Earline: "Nope. Jesus in a box."
Bob: "A'ight. Sounds good."
I'm planning on including this in an upcoming devotional, just so you know.

4. "Stupid Barbie" graffiti spray painted on the wall of a house--I wish I had taken a pic. Look, whoever you are, Barbie is a surgeon, a vet, an astronaut, a teacher, an Olympic figure skater, a McDonald's employee (okay, you got me on that one...), and many other things-- . I don't think she's stupid, but golly, I bet she owes a lot of money on student loans. (Hence, the part-time McDonald's gig, I suppose.)

5. Unbelievably talented early 30's lady who was singing and dancing to Prince, Mandisa, A-ha, and Hall and Oates. She was having an especially good hair day, too. Oh wait, I think that may have been me... I really should have taken a picture of the good hair.

6. Man in big, giant, masculine Ford truck with monster tires and Zebra Print Windshield Wipers.
Dude! Dude? Really? I checked, and it wasn't Dora's cousin, Diego, out a on a safari adventure.Hopefully my daily travels have come to an end for a while. I am stuck with the adventures of laundry and vacuuming right now. I think you could plant a garden in my carpet right now. Ick!

8 delightful comments:

Annikke said...

I had to giggle at this post! Thanks for sharing!

Billy Coffey said...

If you put the zebra truck in the driveway of the trailer with the deck on top, you would have the homes of several of my relatives.

Not kidding.

They are just. That. Cool.

I read this post this morning, and I'm STILL laughing.

Busy Mom in CA said...

Too funny! Love the zebra truck

Rachel said...

I had no idea that Jesus in a Box was such a popular lawn decoration! That is completely and totally bizarre. I am somewhat glad to see that your JIB looks different than my JIB, which means they aren't commercially made and sold. That would be an inexplicably sad day.

Anonymous said...

I gotta get me one a dose!

(You figure out which one I am talkin' 'bout!)

2 Little Irish Boys said...

Love these photos-only in AL or I guess I should say AL and TN!!!

Knocked Up in Bama said...

Well, you were on your way to Tuscaloosa, that says it all right there. Muwhahahahahaha! Sorry, couldn't resist!

I'm still mourning the changing of the Iron Bowl to Friday after Turkey Day...what genius came up with that I ask you??

Anonymous said...

LOVED the pics!!! I lived in FL for a few years, and we visited 'Bama from time to's really a neat place. I have a picture of this hand-painted sign that says, "Lawn Mower Raceing" and the spelling error is not a typo. haha